Water Resource Plan

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The Ocean is believed to be a renewable source and has the ability to replenish itself. Then again the day has come when the oceans food supply is declining. Well, over 90% of the oceans large fish have depleted and may become extinct. The depletion of mainly the large fish in the ocean may cause reorganization of the ecosystem. Scientist is not exactly sure what the consequences are but warns about massive changes that may harm our fish and humans. “The impact we have had on ecosystems has been vastly underestimated.” The depletion not only threatens the future of the fish and the fishers that depend on them, it could also bring about unknown global consequences.”(Big-Fish Stocks Fall 90 Percent Since 1950, Study Says, 2003) The question is how did this happen? The human population has increased and the ocean fish have not had the opportunity to reproduce in a timely manner. The large demand for food has caused fishermen to try to meet the demands without the regulations. The traditions of fishing has changed and increased competition for fishing which are massive improvement methods to catch several tons. Over the years the fishermen have found ways and new machines to catch fish in a much shorter time. The demand for fish has gone up due to the new and improved way of people eating healthier. People have changed a lot of their ways of eating and in turn, the fishermen make more money. The growing for new recipes and rare fish is a great opportunity for fishermen to make a large income to meet the demands for people who are willing to try something different. Fisherman have been known to make money as large as 125,000 for a rare fish or fish fins. Declining Fish Stock 2 Although the method may not be perfect, I have listed below is a list of Actions Items, Steps and a timeline of the plans I will like to implement. The plans

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