Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan University Of Phoenix November 29, 2009 Abstract The Declining Fish Stock Video pinpointed the information and statistics showing certain that species of fish are being made subject to over fishing are nearing extinction of their species. These fish do not have the capability to reproduce offspring fast enough to sustain the survival of their species while also sustaining the ever growing need for this resource by the human race. An effective water resource plan will explore the possible solutions to over fishing and fish stock depletion while also providing benefits for fisheries, environmentalists and marine species. How could this possibly happen? Is there any hope for the world's fish stock? The task of finding a way to sustain fish and marine life in our seas and oceans is paramount for future generations. The first step would be to set up strict no fishing boundaries and increase the current Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which are non-fishing zones that have been set up around foreign and developing countries. {draw:frame} The EEZ’s are currently set at 200 nautical miles from that country's coast (NOAA 2007) and should be extended to an amount that can be agreed upon by both fisheries and the US government. The negotiations for this portion of the plan, taking into consideration revisions should take 6 to 9 months. Although implementing this phase of the plan will help fish populations in that area to increase and eventually restore the damage perpetrated by trawling in those areas. Secondly, governmental, and ecological societies need to enact funding for fish farming. Negotiations and accounting for phase 2 of this plan should take 1 to 2 years. By doing this , and giving private organization and independent marine farmers grants, tax breaks and funding, this will allow for additional fish stock

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