Water Resource Plan

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I would conduct the part A of the assignment "Water resource plan". Visualizing the Declining Fish Stock VLR video, I would say that the water resource problem is the extinction of the fish and the pollution of the water. Currently, Several government-funded studies have concluded that many of the large ocean-dwelling fish, such as swordfish and tuna, are nearing extinction, and the primary cause the originate the extinction of the fish is the over-fishing of the resource.(http://www.axiaecampus.phoenix.edu/week6/web link: Declining Fish Stock VLR) In this video clip, the contrasts of the views of Pete Dupuis, the commercial fisherman, with Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, clearly show as that this problem brings more issues with it. One issue is the extinction of the fish, the over fishing is making disappear many large ocean-dwelling fish and to avoid this extinction the fishermen should stop fishing in bid quantities, but here is the other problem. Stop fishing big amount of fish, would be a lose of money for the fishermen, and it would impact their economy.(http://www.conservefish.org) In other hand, there still other problem with the over fishing. When the fishermen fishing big amount of fish, there are some contaminated fish that are discard from the well fish and these discard fish pollute the ocean water.So, create a plan that benefit both sides, the fishermen and the environment, would not be easy. Because, It would definitely low the economy of the fishermen and it would not like to them. First to start with the plan we should research and identify the effects of the water pollution, for one or 2 month. Then, try to fing web sites and documentals about this ocean resource problem and then start to develop a classification were to mark as Not Fishing Zone in the ocean for about 4 months. After that, schedule a presentation

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