Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan Jacquelyn Robinson September 13, 2009 In the video the water resource problem was some call over fixing. Mr. Duprius says fishing is all he knows and he has sunk his life savings into the boat he uses. He thinks that the government should find a way to fix the problems if they think that the fish will be extinct. Mr. Duprius says that he is catching just as many fix as ever. Overfishing is a problem that occurs when fishermen catch fish at a rate faster than they can reproduce. I think overfishing originated when fishermen began using bigger and better fishing nets and techniques. Better fishing equipment resulted in overfishing, which is a major water resource problem. Depletion of the fish population is a problem that could be managed. Even though, it is difficult for the depleted stocks to return to sustainable levels, and other species dependent on the depleted stocks may become imbalanced, causing further problems, it is possible to recover (MarineBio.org, 1998-2008). A management and sustainment plan I think would benefit both sides of the issue when it comes to overfishing is to educated people on the issue of overfishing, put a limit on the amount of fish fishermen can catch in a certain amount of time, restrict some areas of the ocean against fishing, and set rules that fishermen must follow when fishing. Overfishing is a major issue all over the world, not just in a few locations; therefore the first step in my sustainment plan would be to educate everyone about the depletion of fish due to overfishing. The next step in my plan would be to put a restriction on certain areas of the ocean where fish could reproduce and have time to grow. This area would give fish time to reproduce without fishermen taking them out of the ocean before they have the chance to multiply. The third step in my plan would be to limit the amount of

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