Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan The video that I have observed was about overfishing and how it is causing commercial fisherman to lose many of the business due to the lack of large fish in the ocean. The large fish that are in demand like the tuna and the swordfish are beginning to be extinct due to the overfishing. The government is trying to place a no fish zone due to the overfishing and the extinction of large fish. Many of commercial fisher man feels that its only place a band-aid over the problem but it still does not fix what is causing the scarce supply of tuna and swordfish. A management and sustainment plan that I think will benefit both sides of the issue is to address the problem to legislation to see what they can propose to control this epidemic that has been going on for quite sometime now. The commercial fisherman and large vessel boating should be giving an action plan that can prevent them from the unnecessary killing of large fish. The law should have wardens to patrol all commercial boats to make sure that the boats are within state laws. If the legislation mandate laws over ocean water it can reverse the ecosystem and maybe stop extinction. Bring this to the legislation and fighting for fisherman can not only bring change, but can even work for hardworking fisherman that is trying to make a living for their families. The positive thing that is coming from environmentalists is that they are concerned and outraged about overfishing, but yet live in the finest areas and eat fish as well, stated by Lance Winslow of Pr Basics. I think that environmentalists will be positive and open to my plan to stop the extinction and the overfishing that is happening to our oceans. Now on the other had fisherman especially the ones who take advantage of the opportunity and greed which can force some fisherman out of work, might not like the plan that is proposed to

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