Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan By, Alicia Skeens Professor Blizard 8/29/09 Upon viewing the video clip it was clear what the water resource problem was. The water resource problem in this video is the over fishing of marine life, mainly large marine life. Fishing fleets are stripping the seas of fish and time could be running out for these fish. My plan for sustaining over fishing in my country is to research the effects of over fishing, develop an educational program about different types of over fishing methods and their effects, schedule a worldwide broadcast on a certain date and time, and invite the nation to participate. My first action item for this plan would be to research and identify the effects of over fishing. My action steps would be to review environmental web sites and journals, document the sources of over fishing and their environmental effects, and to document video interviews of environmentalists, as well as interviews with fisherman would do this in a time line of around one to five months. My second action step would be to develop an educational program about different types of over fishing methods and their effects. My action steps to do this would be to develop a video presentation about why this program is important, and I would include the following in this video: the consequences of over fishing, changes that will be required, and the rewards and hardships that will come with these changes. The time line on this step would also be in the first one to five months. My third action step would be to schedule a nationwide broadcast for a certain date and time. My action steps to accomplish this would be to attend a city council meeting to present the benefits associated with the program, make a request to take this to the state board to have the presentation shown

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