Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource is a problem that is all over the world, this caused by the way we use our water and how we keep our water clean. Water has problems that we do not know off, especially in today’s world. We either have too much of water, too little of water or poor quality of water, that mean we do not know how to make use of water. Water is a very important essential in our everyday lives because every living thing needs water to survive. This is where fishing comes into place with “water resource plan.” For many years fishing is a hobby for many people, going out into the ocean, rivers, swap and sometimes lakes to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing but for some, this a job. This is called commercial fishing, where these commercial fishing boat go out into the ocean and catch as much as 20,000lbs before coming back to shore, so that they can sell to their vendors. Sometimes, they just go out there and catch and come back looking for buyers to buy these fish. Now as we know as consumers we look for the best, biggest and freshness fish that is out there for purchase. These fishermen have to ensure that they catch these types of fish because it has to be sold as soon as they come to shore. Remember everything is a competition for these commercial fishermen, it is always a competition. Commercial fishing is cruelty to animals; fish are unlike humans that people do not realize that they feel pain just as we do. Today’s Commercial fishers use massive ships with advances electronic equipment and satellite communications to track fish. These Commercial boats can stay out into the ocean as much as six months to catch as much as fish as they can. They store these fish is a massive freezer compartments to stay fresh as they can for their vendors. As many of these Commercial boats that are out there catching as much fish they can get, have we stop to think about what

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