Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan Jessica Kanderski SCI/275 Environmental Science September 26, 2011 The VLR video has stated that many environmental scientist are concerned with the population of fish in the ocean such as swordfish and tuna because these large types of fish are near extinction. As a concern to scientists throughout the country they feel that the ocean needs to be off limits to people for fishing to allow the reproduction of fish and help stop extinction. The problem at hand is over fishing, scientist believe that this is more destructive to the ocean than having toxic pollution. As of right now scientist are trying to pass a federal law to only allow fishing in certain sections of the ocean and allow a large section for no fishing so that the fish might be able to reproduce. Fishermen are concerned about this law because this will affect the profit they make for their business. Over-fishing is due in large part to the public demand on certain large species of fish, such as tuna and salmon. The prices that these fish bring are just too great for the commercial fishermen to ignore. Scientist are determined that they will have the federal law passed within the next couple of years. Another reason behind over fishing is the new technology available to the current fishing industry. New equipment, such as the GPS, has made fishing on large scale much more efficient. It enables the fishermen to find fish that are at lower depths, fish that the fishermen would otherwise most likely not know were there. Over-fishing has greatly depleted the numbers of several fish species. According to the video, a recent “study showed that fishing fleets had stripped the seas of 90% of big fish” (Declining, 2009). I propose that there be certain points of the ocean in which fishermen are allowed to fish and other points throughout the ocean in which will allow the fish to

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