Water Quality Standards and Water Quality Criteria Pollutants with Maximum Contaminant Levels

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WATER QUALITY STANDARDS AND WATER QUALITY CRITERIA POLLUTANTS WITH MAXIMUM CONTAMINANT LEVELS ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE How are water quality standards determined? The city selects the amount of water bodies they want to use as a source of water supply for the city. There are streams, lakes and other water bodies that they select from in order to determine what it will be used for. EPA has guidelines in which the city has to abide by. About every 3 years they have conferences with EPA to report any problems they may have to report about their drinking water. Currently, EPA is determining better ways to determine and address contaminants to improve drinking water technology and effectively address potential risks to give Americans greater confidence in the quality of our drinking water. “EPA will focus on four principles that will provide greater protection of drinking water. The four principles are:  Address contaminants as a groups rather than one at a time so that enhancement of drinking water protection can be achieved cost-effectively.  Foster development of new drinking water technologies to address health risks posed by a broad array of contaminants.  Use the authority of multiple statutes to help protect drinking water.  Partner with states to share more complete data from monitoring at public water systems (PWS). “ http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/rulesregs/sdwa/dwstrategy/upload/Drinking_Water_Strategyfs.pdf Distinguish between water quality criteria pollutants and maximum contaminant levels. There are several types of contaminants like: Microorganisms, Disinfectants, Disinfection Byproducts, Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Chemicals and Radionuclide’s. “Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) are the levels of contaminants in drinking water, which there are no known or expected risk to health. MCLG’s allow for a margin of safety and are

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