Water Power Essay

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The world uses energy from many different sources, such as water power, nuclear power plants, solar energy, and wind generated power. Twenty percent or one-fifth of the world’s energy comes from water or hydro power. But in Canada alone water power provides sixty percent of their electrical requirements. A big reason of that is that in the last thirty years, the production of energy in water power plants has tripled. The use of waterpower dates back to before 400 BC. the Greek the use of falling water to create energy in 400 B.C. writings. In Ancient Greece a people used waterwheels for milling corn, and in 250 B.C. a clock was built that was powered by water. As electricity demands soared in the middle of the 1900s, the efficiency of coal and oil fuelled power plants increased, and small hydro plants fell out of favour. To gain more popularity, most new hydroelectric development since the mid 1900’s focused on constructing larger plants to produce electricity for hundreds of thousands to millions of people. Some big advantages of using water power over nuclear, solar, energy or wind power is that water is a source of cheap power, and very efficient. In addition, because there is no fuel burning, there is little air pollution in comparison with fossil fuel plant. But like everything in the world there is a disadvantage like a large expensive dam is required, along with considerable damage to the natural environment, other reasons that we can’t use hydro power is that 25% can be used but most of the unused land is in underdeveloped countries and It cannot be used in all locations due to the need of an abundance of fast flowing water, and the need to have the power to last throughout the

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