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Water Polo is undoubtedly the most physically demanding sport, and involves a mental aspect like no other. Not only is Water Polo one of the most fun sports to play; it is also an amazing spectator sport. For a first time viewer it could be very confusing to watch, and many of the referees' calls will not make sense. This guide will make the watching the sport much more understandable for a first time viewer. Water Polo has been in the Olympics since the early 1900's; it is a game of perseverance, speed, and stamina. Players can never touch the bottom or sides of the pool. This makes stamina a key aspect of the game; as treading water becomes the time for players to rest. Water Polo players use a special form of treading water called the, "Egg-Beater," which requires much less energy and allows easy movement to any direction. Speed is required to score. Without speed, the defenders will easily be able to cover the offence, and keep them from being open. For most water polo players, moving quickly with the ball can be tough, making passing the key way to move the ball quickly down the pool. Water polo is a contact sport, and with all contact sports there is necessary gear. In the pool it is required to wear a special cap with hard ear covers, very similar to wrestling head gear. These caps help identify team members and protect the ears from damage, helping to prevent cauliflower ear or other ear injuries. It is required that all players wear matching Speedos to avoid any confusion. The goals sit on both ends of the pool inside of the water, and vary in size, (with regulation minimums and maximums) depending on the pool, and preference of the home team. If a pool has one deep end and one shallow end, teams must switch sides every quarter due to a goalie advantage of being able to touch bottom; this allows the goalie to stay rested, and it is much easier to score on

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