Water Pollution: Mercury

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Water Pollution Part 1 1. Water can be polluted in many ways, two of which are: Industrial factories and the other being indirect pollution. Industrial pollutants can come from chemical spills and just plain dumping waste into a nearby river. Also thermal waste is another growing problem, factories use the water to cool there equipment and then drain it back into the river several degrees warmer. Indirect pollutants can be a lot of things, my main point is automobiles. The pollute the air by releasing unburnt fumes into the air. Beings there is so many vehicles on the roads today there is a lot of pollution. 2 The chemical with the lowest acceptable concentration is Aldrin and Dieldrin The chemical with the highest acceptable level of concentration is Chlorine 3 The water that come from our faucets comes from a well. It is softened by a water sofener and is then sent through Copper pipes to various outputs in my home. In this water that has not gone through the softener I believe that there is: Magnesium, Calcium, Iron ((III) and(II)) Sulfide and Copper present. 2. Table number 9.5 on page 357. In order from top to bottom Lowest MAC to Highest. Ion or Compound Mg/L Aldrin And Dieldrin 0.0007 Mercury 0.001 Benzene 0.005 Cadium 0.005 Lead 0.010 Selenium 0.01 Tolulene 0.025 Arsenic 0.025 Sulfide 0.05 Aluminium 0.01-0.02 Uranium 0.01 Malathion 0.19 Iron 0.3 Fluorine 1.5 Chlorine 250 2. Cadium: MAC=0.005mg/L Equation: (0.005mg/Lx1.5L) x 365 Annual intake= 2.7375 Lead: MAC=0.010mg Equation: (0.010mg/Lx1.5L) x 365 Annual intake= 5.475 Mercury: MAC=0.001mg/L Equation: (0.001mg/Lx1.5L) x 365 Annual intake=0.5475 3.The most important step in water treatment is adding Chlorine to the water. I

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