Water Pollution in China

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Water Pollution in China Institutional Affiliation Name of Student Professor’s name Discipline Date Water is a very essential commodity to all aspects of human life and other living organisms, but the availability and purity of this water continue to deteriorate in the whole world due to many factors. These factors are mainly caused by human activities, which include increased urbanization, escalating population growth, growth of industries, excessive farming, and climatic changes. When there is a high presence of chemical, physical, radioactive or pathogenic microbial substances in water bodies, then these water bodies are polluted and the water is not normally fit for drinking and may not support the biotic community for example fish (Hogan, 2013). According to Hogan (2013), these classes of water contaminants get into water bodies in different ways. Chemical water pollutants find their way into waterways through industrial and agricultural wastes for example Mercury remains of mining sites, Nitrogen compounds which are a major fertilizer in farms and chlorine deposits from sewage and water treatment plants. These compounds are harmful to human and other aquatic life, especially when in high levels. On the other hand, physical pollutants are not toxic but still contribute to the deterioration of water quality. These may include sedimentation from soil erosion because of excessive farming, wastes from human activities, for example, dumping of plastic bottles and papers in water sources. Thermal pollution is caused by industrialization where industries discharge water at high temperatures back to the water sources decreasing the amount of dissolved oxygen.Radiocative substances have adverse effects on human, and the source of pollutant arises from nuclear power plants and agricultural activities by use of phosphate fertilizers. When untreated sewage or

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