Water Pollution in Alberta Essay

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Water pollution in Alberta Introduction The contamination of water is a disastrous development whose effects are being felt the world over. This is due to the fact that water is life. This phrase though overused, has never rang more true because of the simple fact that water in itself supports and ensures the continuation of life on our planet. It regulates how organisms interact with each other all with the aim of living and procreating to ensure their survival. It is against this backdrop that this research seeks to address water contamination and pollution in Alberta (Alberta, 2010). In 2009, the Government of Alberta released a roadmap that was to act as an action map for the citizens of Alberta in terms of their interaction with water so as to ensure that there is safe drinking water, a healthy aquatic system and a reliable water supply for the sustenance of the economy. It called this the ‘Water for Life’ action plan (Alberta, 2010). With this goodwill from the government, it is surprising to see companies in Alberta engaging in practises that are seen to be opposite in nature to what the government is proposing. This is why this research has been conducted. It seeks to provide an assessment of water pollution in Alberta with a view of putting forth recommendations on how the same can be eradicated to ensure the sustenance of life in Alberta as water is indeed life. Water Pollution There are various causes of water pollution in Alberta, the main being human activities. Human industrial activities, the main being energy production, are seen to negatively affect the quality of water and its viability as relates to its conduciveness for human consumption. Energy is a requirement for the smooth running of operations in any region, but its production should not attain a superior status ‘vis a vis’ (in relation to) the preservation of the

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