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Water Pollution Essay

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Prof: M   K
L     P
SCI204: Environmental Science
DeVry University
Date: 04/03/2014

Exercise:   1
Discuss two sources of pollution that have affected Lake Erie.
Lake Erie has exhibited a high level of plastic pollution and algae blooms related to chemical pollution.   This is all a direct result of human activity along the water ways leading to the lake as well as along the shoreline of the lake itself.   One article pointed to plastics from a variety of things including food wrappers, toys and disposable drink bottles making their way to the lake via sewer lines and other sources.   Another item pointed to pesticides, fertilizers and road salt as additional contributors to the pollution problem.   And even further a New York Times article spoke about the algae blooms resulting from phosphate pollution.   The lake has experienced a decline in its fish production attributed to the “dead zone” resulting from algae blooms.   Further, the fish caught have ingested plastic and plastic the article argues attracts chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) a contaminant said to affect the endocrine system.   This along with the algae blooms that remove large amounts of oxygen from the water have had a negative impact of the life of the fish and other life within the lake.

Exercise:   2
Discuss two polluted water bodies in your state, and discuss the steps that the state is taking to solve, prevent or reduce more pollution into these water bodies.
The James River in Virginia has received recent notice due to pollution.   An article from 2012 states that “1.1 million pounds of pollution” was dumped in the James River for the year 2010 alone.   Additionally the Chesapeake Bay has received attention in particular for the effects that pollution has had on the fisheries.   Based on the information I was able to locate, it does not appear that the state of Virginia has done as much as it could to prevent pollution.   In one report it appears that violations have gone...

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