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Water Pollution Essay

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Specific matters to address water pollution and specific approaches to prevent it.
( Well me personally I feel oil spills and peoples littering need to be fixed first and for most with that it would improve the water pollution a great deal. I want to touch base on farm land growing crops and raising animals that release waste in near by river beds.
 United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service. (2013). Fertilizer Use and Markets. Retrieved from http://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/farm-practices-management/chemical-inputs/fertilizer-use-markets.aspx
Reducing the use of water and chemical inputs
( Well one way that I can think of to help prevent this is fertilizer and market usage runoff. This will prevent any unwanted waste or fertilizer being discarded improperly
Implementation of a reduced amount of environmentally damaging pesticides
( Most companies are going green today. They already have taken proper steps to use environment friendly pesticides. Also places PA, I’m not sure where but a few places refuse to sell any chemicals that can harm the environment.
Protection of sensitive areas.
( I agree with this you should protect certain areas from manure, and excrement from chicken farms. This is a form of run off that can effect the water system. This is very important because it could be very harmful to humans if they come in to contact with the body of water with the excrement.
Implementing water and energy conservation practices
( I understand the importance of the conservation of water and energy it saves a lot of money in the long run. Energy conservation can extend human life and help reduce green house gas some. Irrigation management is also a very important tool to use in water conservation.
Switching to "green" cleaners
How the policies plan to address water pollution.

  In conclusion, I believe the points I have made will help with the reduction of water pollution in my state as well as the United States. People just...

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