Water Pollution Essay

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Britnye Corpus May 1, 2014 Composition 2 Professor Ashley Water Pollution and its Effects on Human Health and the Environment Water is every organism’s most precious resource, yet the human race continues to bring harm to our most essential commodity. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Unfortunately, this water is polluted on a daily basis by human interaction through lakes, rivers and the ocean. Water is essential for all living things to survive; yet people still pollute it. Some of the most common of these pollutants include sewage and waste, byproducts of the oil industry, and government agencies utilizing controversial additives in our drinking water. Each of these forms of pollution not only devastates the natural balance of the environment, they can cause harmful side effects to our health and overall well-being. Water pollution is a major problem in society today that destroys the beauty of nature and causing harmful dreaded diseases and sickness in precious health of many individual; The worst part is that humans are the ones to blame. Without human involvement, pollution will still exist. Naturally occurring environmental acts can have a severe impact on our water supply. For example, volcanic ash is the most widely distributed product of explosive volcanic eruptions, and areas hundreds of kilometers away from an erupting volcano can receive ash falls. This can lead to devastating effects on the drinking water depending on the level of ash thickness and its chemical components. Also magma can be a big effect on our drinking water. Magma “can heat overlying rock and dissolve harmful elements directly into groundwater”(Wielbelhaus et al. 2). Volcanos affect our surface water as well dealing with the ash. The ashes of the volcano is “incorporated into surface run-off” that will destroy the ecosystem (Wielbelhaus et al. 2). These ashes

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