Water Experiment 1 Essay

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Water Experiment Debi Lemke, M.S., R.D. Water Experiment Journal Entry | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Amount of water drank daily | 2 x 16.9 FL OZ water bottles = 33.8oz | 4 x 16.9 FL OZ water bottles = 67.6oz | 4 x 16.9 FL OZ water bottles = 67.6oz | 4 x 16.9 FL OZ water bottles = 67.6oz | Overall feeling / Changes experienced | I felt normal with no apparent changes | It was a little harder to take in the extra water and I had to go bathroom more often than before. I also felt satisfied and wasn’t hungry like I usually am. | Again, I frequented the bathroom often however I did notice that I felt revitalized in a way. I felt great. | Apart from going to the bathroom more often than before I actually felt real good. Both my mind and body felt great! A huge plus was not being so hungry | I believe drinking the recommended amount of water daily gave me more positive effects than negative. The only negative effect it had I guess would be going to the bathroom more often than before but I do not think it was too much of an issue. I felt fresh and energized both body and mind during the days I drank the recommended amount of water. I also found that I was not feeling hungry like I usually do; the water satisfied my stomach to the point that I consumed less food than I usually have in the past. I felt empowered also before, during and after my work outs. I did not feel dehydrated or feel like my body was straining due to lack of water. Overall I felt pretty good! According to Rabkin, R. (2000). Water “makes up more than 60 percent of our body mass. Every cell, tissue and organ needs it to function, and nearly every life-sustaining process requires it. Water is in our muscles, fat cells, blood and even bones. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, flushes out waste products, moistens tissues in the skin, mouth, eyes and nose and helps to

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