Water Everywhere Essay

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The Article “Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink” by Meghan O’Rourke is a argumentative article questioning why people are obsessed with drinking only bottled water. She talks about bottlemania and how it is affecting people and our environment. She feels that people seem to have phobias against tap water, so they turn to only bottled water. The issues she feels that this phenomenon is causing is destroying our environment and the imaginary health benefits that water bottles supposedly have. She also talks about the statement that a particular water bottle can hold and the craze it has caused with the public. There is no doubt bottled water serves many reasonable purposes including for travel, as an alternative to the other options offered at places such as sporting events, and for emergencies. Many people have begun to see bottled water as better alternative to tap water and causing the amount of consumption and production to increase. There are many environmental impacts of manufacturing the bottled water. In the article by O’Rourke she says “Each year, the United States disposes of some 30 billion empty bottled-water containers. Water bottles are filling up our landfills: Two million tons of plastic water bottles a year ultimately end up in them.” These facts are not considering the products used to seal, package, and contain the bottles which may include card board. All this manufacturing can ultimately affect the climate and environment. She also talks about how the people that buy the bottled water rarely recycle them she says “fewer than 15 percent of PET bottles are recycled”. While water bottles are able to be recycled it has been found that the majority are disposed of by trash or being left behind somewhere. Water bottles are polluting our environment. There are many health concerns related to plastic water bottles, since bottled
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