Water Cycle Essay

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The Water Cycle The water cycle is extremely important process because it ensures the availability of water for all for all living organisms as regulates weather patterns on our planet. In your groups, examine the information below. You have been asked to create a diagram to explain the Water Cycle to a group of grade 5 students; you can use chart paper and markers to do so. As part of your diagram, you may want to include other activities affected by the water cycle. For example, you could use a farmer and his crops as part of the precipitation part of your work. The water cycle consists of 6 important processes: 1. Evaporation • Liquid water becoming water vapour ( in the atmosphere). • Factors favoring it are low air pressure and higher temperature. • Heat from the sun evaporates water found in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Since impurities are left behind, the water that goes in the atmosphere is cleaner then when it was on earth. • Water also evaporates of the leaves of plants – called transpiration 2. Condensation • This process is the opposite of evaporation – water leaves the vapour state and returns to the liquid state • Lower temperatures favour condensation. • Water droplets formed from condensation that are small remain suspended in the atmosphere in atmosphere in the form of clouds in the sky or fog at ground level. Dust particles need to be present around which the droplet can form. 3. Precipitation • Under the correct temperature and atmospheric pressure, the small water droplets in clouds become larger and precipitation occurs • This can be in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow. 4. Surface runoff • As water returns to the earth (precipitation) it moves over the land and flows downhill (gravity) into streams ,rivers, ponds and

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