Water Contamination In The United States

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Water Pollution: The United States has had to deal with many environmental issues and is still combating many of these issues. One big issue is water pollution. This is an issue that affects the environment and the well being of the people in specific areas where the water is contaminated. Water contamination has been an issue that has impacted the United States greatly. Our government has made some efforts to mitigate the issue. However, they could be even more successful if the general population puts forth effort as well. Understanding how contaminated water affects people will raise awareness. If more people are aware, then it is likely that more people will take action on this issue. A great example of how water contamination can affect…show more content…
There are many effects that are associated with water contamination that can be fatal to humans, depending on the water’s pollution and area. One of the biggest effects that has been noticed is cancer. Going back to Camp Lejeune, people regularly drank the water, bathed and swam in it, and inhaled its vapors. Years later, and after quite a bit of research, people that lived aboard Camp Lejeune between the 1950s-1980s have a high chance of suffering from leukemia and possibly birth defects (Beamish). For example, Jerry Ensminger’s daughter who died at the age of just nine years old from leukemia believed to be caused by the extreme contamination of Camp Lejeune’s water. According to Florence Williams, “Camp Lejeune now enjoys the distinction of having hosted what is arguably the most contaminated public-drinking water supply ever discovered in the United States”…show more content…
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