Water Cnservation Essay

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Mesopotamia was a country located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers where the people had access to water but were also at the mercy of these rivers due to damages from extreme flooding. Their societies flourished because of their location between the two rivers. Local governments in the United States can help preserve water by giving tax breaks for water use at home regulations, providing more watershed programs, and having designated water conservation days. If you drive a hybrid car, carpool with people in your community, or donate to charities, you get a tax break. So why not give tax breaks for conserving water. There are many ways to conserve water at the household, but I will give a few examples on this subject. Obvious ways of conserving water are taking shorter showers, and washing dishes in a dishpan, but an interesting way to conserve water is to take your car to a car wash, or make sure it drains into a grassy area. Washing your car at a carwash will conserve water, and also re-use the water because most carwashes re-use their water. It also helps protect the ocean from harmful run off from washing your car in the street. Analyzing water to conserve and protect can come in the form of a watershed program. Having a community who shares water source come together and analyze the water’s purity and use is important. This gives the community a sense of what is really going on with their water. Who is using it and the quality of their water? Having a better idea of where it comes from and the overall water use helps you conserve and be more aware of your resources. It also helps provide fund raising, and organizing programs to help conserve and preserve their communities water. Another way to help conserve water is to designate days for strictly conserving water. Water is a global issue and we should think of it that way. Brazil

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