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Water And Water Pollution Essay

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Water and Water Pollution

Determining water quality
Quality water standards are based on the uses of the water. There are so many uses of water that require a different quality. Drinking water has to be the most important because it is the cleanest water of all, but water for other usage such as, bathing, water for fish, wildlife, crops, and recreation, does not have to be as clean as drinking water, they are considered as secondary. They separate the groups where water is needed and then determine what levels of cleanliness support which group.
Water Quality Standards
Polluted water has different substances found in it such as cleaning products, pesticides, and other pollutants that are found in in water because of humans and the things they dump in the water. There are certain standards that are needed to assess the water pollution; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created the National Recommended Water Quality. The EPA has also established the Drinking Water Standards and Health Advisories, because the standard on the water that we drink are much stricter.
Criteria pollutants consist of chemicals and substances which tell you what type of shape the water is in such as; is the water too hard, or the ph balance of the water, or how many nutrients are in the water then recommends what is needed to balance the water out for its use whether it is for drinking, water for fish, or just regular fresh water.
Arsenic is considered a cancer causing substance that is also listed as maximum contaminant level which is in our drinking water at high levels. The has been Public Health Service warnings about this and it was to be lowered because it is a cancer risk but according to the readings in the text Environmental Science, President Clinton decided it should be lowered before he left office but by the time Bush came in he cancelled the order and felt that his reasons did not hold enough support to do this.
The Clean Water act which was...

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