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Water is essential to all living things and vitally important to humans. The world is facing crisis such as decrease food and energy supplies, increase prices, climate change and financial management due to the lack of water supply management (Bullock, 2009). Therefore, “The United Nations World Water Development,” objectives are to strengthen the water developing plans by having a sustainable water management able to increase water resources capacity that will provide basic water needs for humans (Bullock, 2009). In chapter 1 of the “World Water Development Report 3,” the main issues are that water supply leaders are not involved in water decision making, there is a need for water resources management, and global water crisis need to be resolve to prevent future conflicts (Bullock, 2009). Government, private sectors, political and social leaders have control on the water supply decision making but they are not well trained on the role of water as the water supply leaders. Therefore, this chapter emphasizes on the importance of the water box where leaders from the water sector make sure that leaders outside the water box make decisions according to resources of the water available (Bullock, 2009). In chapter 2 of the “World Water Development Report 3,” the main issues are demographic growth, global economic expansion, and social drivers (Bjorklunk, 2009). Firstly, there is growth in demographic where population, age distribution, urbanization and migration are increasing, so there is an increase in water demands (Bjorklund, 2009). Furthermore, with an increase in population there is also an increase in change of landscape which affects the water resources available and quality of resources (Bjorklund, 2009). Urban areas are more likely to have more water available than rural areas (Bjorklund, 2009). The growth of urbanization in rural areas affects the

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