Watchmen Evaluation Essay

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Watchmen is a movie set in a very different 1985 America where masked superheroes are part of everyday society. “A world at peace, there had to be a sacrifice”, a simple message that is remarkably illustrated by Zack Snyder-director of the film- who takes the audience for a violent ride through this alternate time. Based on the graphic novel written by Dave Gibbons, this gruesome sci-fi thriller begins with the murder of a superhero veteran known as “The Comedian” who met his demise by being thrown out of his high-rise apartment window. Though the stories concluding message is a simple, the road to it is a complicated one which goes through many twists and turns while trying to solve the mystery of “The Comedian’s” murder. The significance of the path which this movie takes to conclude such a pivotal message, finds its foundation in a world that has been constructed around the fear of needing more, set in an alternate 1985 America where superheroes are detached from humanity, where violence is a part of daily life, and where a significant sacrifice must be made to reconcile it. The social and political commentary found evident within the movie is testament to this final message and with clear purpose. The world is on the cusps of its third world war with the "Doomsday Clock" counting down to a preemptive strike on America by Russia, society looks to Dr. Manhattan, a physicist that endured a tragic accident which resulted in him becoming radioactive and god like. His powers consist of the ability to see the future and modify matter to its simplest form. Dr. Manhattan, the only Watchmen with actual superpowers, is working with “Ozymandias” to create a new form of energy so that America would no longer be addicted to fossil fuels. In this alternate America Dr. Manhattan plays a significant role both politically and socially, having been a pivotal figure in such

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