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Through out Watchmen, there are character, events and objects that relate to real life people and things. Some examples are Richard Nixon, Nuclear Warfare and others. Many of these things were not portrayed correctly and were altered to fit into comic. Even though many of the characters and events are real and took place in the 1980s, they were altered in Watchmen to make the comic more interesting and have a better sequence of events. Most of the characters in Watchmen were fictional characters but there were some characters that were real life characters. One example was Richard Nixon. Nixon served as the president of the United States from January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974. He was the 37th president and served one and a half terms. In the Watchmen, Nixon was elected for a third term after the end of the Vietnam War. In Chapter two on page 13, the Comedian is talking about President Nixon having “the next election in the bag for sure” (Moore 2.13). There is a problem with Nixon running for a third term. The Constitution states that you may only be president for a total of two terms or eight years. For Nixon to be running again, the Constitution had to be altered so this law was never written. Moore might have changed this because Nixon was loved by the US citizens. Both terms he won with over 60% popular vote ( Another example was Kitty Genovese. She was a New York resident who was raped outside her building and over 40 people watched it happen. In the Watchman there is a newspaper that reads “Woman Killed while neighbors look on” (Moore 6.11) Rorschach is talking about her to Dr. Malcolm Long. He said that she was tortured and people watched and no one called the police. This is not true because the night she was attacked, one man named Karl Ross did call the police and Kitty died on the way to the hospital from multiple stab wounds

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