Wat Is Love ? Essay

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WHAT IS LOVE ? AND WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE RELATIONSHIPS? FATHER'S RESPONSE: Love is really like, but like a lot. Love is the feeling you have for something that appeals. Example: if you say you love football, you mean that much like football. When you're dating, then there is an interest that can not be definitively between people. The dating is even a period that precedes marriage and aims the two know each other well, to examine the deeds, the likes and dislikes, and confirm that they like it and want to join permanently. And if not be sure not to get married, just dating, each goes to his life. ANSWER DIOGO: My kid, not of love to explain what it is, I do not know what it is and why you're dating. This is something we all have to discover for ourselves. Do not ask people to explain to you because maybe they think that love is differente is for you ... Here is .. I hope that has helped you ☺. RESPONSE OF MOHAMED: Love is something unique, something that only we feel, we are differentes then we can not describe the love of another person because we have not learned to love that person is the same for us, and I do not think I love niguém for now because it never went through expriencia to love and have not yet sure what I'm down to do it is to love or not. RESPONSE TIA CRISTINA: Dating is a learning to love, to form mutu knowledge, love is a good May is complissidade two is a want is not wanting to fight a battle with the forces of infinity. CIRA'S RESPONSE: Love is a drug that changes us internally and externally, is an addictive drug that when we consiguimos not live without it. And just know what is really when they ask what you do not love you seek but no words when defining the name of someone. And she does not know what dating is ... (sorry). RESPOSTA DA NAMEYA: I guess love is when you love and hate someone at the same time. Need to be

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