Waste Disposal Essay

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Waste disposal Every year people throw huge quantities of rubbish in their daily activities. People generate many types of waste including used paper, empty packages and food scraps. Homes, businesses and other places in the community produce substantial quantities of waste. To dispose of waste people either bury it, burn it or recycle it. People often dispose of waste in open holes called open landfills, but they are dangerous because rainfall dissolves some of the chemicals from waste forming leachate which could pollute groundwater. Another type is called sanitary landfills which when full is covered by clay cap but they can also pollute the soil and groundwater. Another solution is solid waste composting which could reduce the volume of waste disposed of in sanitary landfills. Incineration is the burning of solid waste in an incinerator which takes up less space and doesn't pollute groundwater and the heat produced can be used to generate electricity but incinerators release some pollution into the air and they cost much more money than landfills. Recycling Recycling is the process of reclaiming raw materials and reusing them again. Recycling reduces the volume of solid waste and saves the energy needed to obtain the raw materials. Common metals such as iron and aluminum can be melted down and reused. With recycling no ore needs to be mined, transported to factories and processed. Recycling metals also helps to conserve these nonrenewable resources. Recycling glass is easy and inexpensive. It can be melted over and over again to make new glass containers. It can melt at a lower temperature than the raw materials. Therefore less energy is needed. Recycling glass also reduces the environmental damage caused by mining the raw materials. We can also recycle used paper but each time paper is recycled, the new paper is rougher, weaker and darker. We

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