Wasps Nest Essay

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Courtney Bramers Mr. Rodriguez Ap English Literature p.5 9 August 2012 “The Wasps Nest” Analysis To begin the title of the poem “The Wasps Nest” foreshadows what the poem is going to be about and makes the poem easier to understand. Rosenberg’s use of the nest in his title right away gives off the connotation that his nest is a “safe place” for the Wasps to go and live. Just by comprehending the title it makes the first part of the poem more apparent to recognize what Rosenberg’s metaphoric and descriptive language means. Continuing into the first few lines, Rosenberg compares the insubstantial tiny insects to large, fierce, and strong ariel tigers. Rosenberg does this too show the correlation in which these two animals that are totally different in size, shape, and abilities, yet they carry some of the same characteristics; such and their will to protect their homes, and the determination to not let up and to stay strong and mighty. The following line “Striped in ebony and gold” is used for the specific reason to make this animal come across and majestic and exotic. When “gold” is used it sparks royalty and higher-class connotations, which makes these wasps sound more powerful and above the rest of their surroundings. An onomatopoeia is put across in line three “savagely a-hum,” and again in line 14 “To turn them from their hummed devotions”. Rosenberg uses this literary device here to first portray when the poem has connections to humans. Humans are constantly trying to be recognized and the center of attention, comparing to the wasps who want to remind the poet of their existence and make sure it is known. Following the next couple lines, Rosenberg speaks about making do with what the wasps have and using their surroundings to benefit them in gaining a home. This mailbox home may not be the best but the wasps take pride in what they have built
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