Wasp and the Spider Essay

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Aaron Benjamin 12/01/2014 McClellan English 1 The Spider and the Wasp Alexandder Petrunkevigh was a late professor who was born in Russia but later moved with his family to Germany due to political reasons, He finished his education in Germany and met his wife and then moved to the USA. He was a top archeologist of his time and studied all aspects of spider biology, taxonomy and paleontology. Throughout his carrer however Petronkevigh remained politically active and worked towards raising the awareness about the problems in Russia. This gave him the motivation to write this story The Spider and the Wasp. In his writings he compares Russian society to a type of spider which he studied for many years the Tarantular, and the politicians that were taking advantage of the people as the Wasp. The Spider and the Wasp in many ways were just like them (the people,and the politicians), the people were the spiders due to the fact that just as the spider they were fully capable of over powering the politicians because without the people there would be no politicians but instead the people fall seige to the politicians and “submits unwillingly to its destruction.”.( Alexander Petrunkevitgh). The spider in this case is just as the people as they fall to the delicate touch or the delicate words of the Wasp or the politiians. The Wasp represents the politicians as they take advantage of the spiders (the peoples) inability to sense any danger from them, they use this to their advantage, they gain the trust of the people and they allow the people to feel safe based on but in truth and in fact their main plan it to destroy them and use them to fulfill their own personal needs. Just as the politicians they rely on the people they need the to carry out their plans. Petrunkevitch in a very technical way uses this story to let people know how he feels about Stanalist Russia

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