Washington States Marijuana Law Essay

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Washington States Marijuana Law On November 6th 2012 Marijuana was legally passed by a popular vote, 55.7% in favor and 44.3 % against. Initiative 502 as it is called in Washington legalizes small amounts of marijuana and marijuana related products for adults 21 and over, taxes them and designates the revenue for healthcare and substance abuse prevention and education. Cannabis will still remain a schedule I controlled substance under federal law. Today more and more people are siding with pro legislation in America. There are many reasons why many Americans support the legalization of Marijuana, and one of those reasons is the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has proven to be effective as an appetite stimulant for cancer patients, pain relief for patients suffering from arthritis, helps with glaucoma, and helps prevent nausea in persons undergoing chemo therapy. There have been studies that show that marijuana also helps relieve muscle pain and spasticity in people suffering from multiple sclerosis (The Medical “Benefits” of smoking marijuana (cannabis): a review of the current scientific literature by Rich Deem) retrieved May 12th 2014. It is also beneficial for the relief of migraines, OCD, ADHD, Add and even the prevention of Alzheimer’s (10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana. COED.2. Sept 2010). The legalization of marijuana is also a positive for the economy. Making marijuana legal would create more jobs, growers to grow it, retail people to sell it, and many other job opportunities. Legalization would also create more revenue for states by bringing in more taxes. Taxes are set up on a 3 tier model, meaning marijuana will be taxed at the production lever, distribution level and at the point of sale. “But we do know that legalization would lead to a positive revenue impact on the income and tax side” Carl Davis, Senior Analyst Institute on

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