Washington Dc Murder Case

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INSIGHTS ON PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: D.C TRAGEDY By: Rabie Ertimi Indiana University South Bend For: Prof: Leda McIntyre Hall 1: Public management aspects: D.C tragedy 1.1: City officials and authorities have failed to manage, collaborate and coordinate with the various local, state and federal agencies to keep an accurate stream line contact with the Jacks family. All five agencies including: Public schools, Police department, Children family services agency, Human services and Department of health, have failed to adequately perform daily routine to the highest level and keep a clearer dialogue. 1.2: We can define two kinds of human capital as an organizational culture that affected this case; we have those who neglected early signs of a family in peril --CFSA workers--and chose not to opt on the allegations of abuse and neglect that eventually led to a tragedy and the loss of life of four unfortunate girls: Brittany Jacks, 17-Tatianna Jacks, 11-N`kiah Fogle, 6-Aja Fogle, 5. And those who showed craftsmanship, and leadership by stepping in and trying to make a difference; Kathy Lopes: Booker T. Washington public school social worker, who went above and beyond despite the fact that her role, interest, authority and influence may have been above her prescribed monotonous duties, She first alerted the school, the mother of the girls, the police, the CFSA hotline in a fruitless outcome for the sake to save the life of the girls in peril. Not least of importance D.C Mayor; Adrian Fenty whose stern actions after the tragedy have put him on a hot seat for exhaustive scrutiny and criticism. 1.3: Managerial proficiency and craftsmanship has definitely seen a horizon when it comes to the upshot and effect of this misfortune leading to the death of four girls in D.C. Some parties have taken initiative, proposal, inventiveness and sense of responsibility and
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