Was William Buckley: More White Or Black?

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William Buckley was an English convict that was transported to Port Philip in 1803. He escaped from the soldiers and he survived despite the many dangers that he passed. He lived in an Aboriginal community during thirty-two years as an Aboriginal. People said: “Was William Buckley more white or black?”. This is a dilemma that we're going to try to figure out. Firstly, William Buckley escaped with other convicts, because in the new settlement there were many problems and they lived in poor conditions. They made their way around the bay. His companions went north-east, hoping to reach Sidney, but Buckley continued alone around the bay. He preferred to go in this direction, because he was worried about french people that were colonising Sidney. He was very tired and underfed and exhausted. Secondly, Aboriginal people found Buckley near the beach and they thought that he was an spirit. They helped him a lot by giving him food. He lived as an Aboriginal people, learning…show more content…
He approached the group and realised that white people were talking in a familiar language which he couldn´t remember. These people looked very friendly and Buckley started speaking in English which it was his mother tongue. At first, the Aborigines tried to kill the white people, but Buckley was contrary to this and he negotiated very well between the two sides. He made a great deal that was the following: white people to gave some blankets and food to the Aborigines and they would receive Australian land. For British people to get to the new land was an important issue, while the Aborigines did not share that same sense of ownership. Buckley worked in this way for many years, but he realised that, sometimes, Aborigines were on contrary with this commitment. He was very disappointed with this and thought that this job was a complicated job and not very easy to achieve

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