Was the War Inevitable

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Was the Civil War inevitable? The Civil war was definitely inevitable. Inevitable means that something cannot and will not be able to be avoided or prevented. Sectionalism, state rights and slavery were the main problems the North and South just couldn’t agree on. The North and South had some issues that couldn’t be resolved, but the drastic measure of war could have been prevented. Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States was elected as in 1860. He was against the idea of slavery, but he’s biggest goal was to keep the union together. Of course since he was against slavery he was more appealing to the North, who we’re abolitionist and also against slavery. This is where sectionalism came to be a huge role in the cause of the Civil War. The idea of a man against slavery becoming president made the South angry, how could a man who believed the complete opposite be at all fair or do anything they requested to better their economy and conditions? The South did not want Lincoln as a president, so they succeeded from the Union. The South’s whole economy came from plantations farming and slave labor, without slaves the felt that the South could not survive. The South’s population was slow on the ride and the talk of abolitions and the end of slavery was not good news to them. They we’re losing control on the part of their government, and they blamed it all on president Lincoln. The South was doomed basically from the beginning before president Lincoln came into the picture. The south was in ruins, economy destroy by the blockade, and major hyperinflation. The Union had experience and a booming industrial economy, a strong federal government. They also had twice the population of the South, and twice as many young men for its army. The south did provide one thing; they had cotton, which it believed to be better than the North’s industry. The South also had
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