Was the Quality of Black Americans Lives Improved After 1865?

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In this essay I am going to analyse the quality of black Americans lives after the abolition of slavery in 1865. I will analyse several factors, such as: jobs, wages and the way they’re treated in society. The abolition of slavery in 1865 didn’t actually make a lot of things better for black people as it only made them free from their masters. The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was a United States federal law. It was proposed in 1870 but it was passed in 1875. The Act guaranteed that every person, regardless of race, colour, or previous condition of servitude, was entitled to the same treatment in public accommodations but was rarely enforced as several important officials in police forces were openly racist. In north, racism was at the minimum for America and the ex-slaves would have had a very different experience than those of the south. The Freedman’s Bureau was a service that tried to aid former slaves with food, housing and other necessities. It was intended to last only one year after the civil but lasted longer due to surprising support and need for its services. This was a very large help to black Americans as it gave them basic living conditions even thought they had very little money after living as slaves. Sharecropping was a system where a landowner allowed a tenant to use some of their land in return for some of the crop produced there. This, for many black Americans, would have been like slavery again except that they could not get whipped for working slowly, but it would show off in their pay of crops. The advantages of this were that ex-slaves would have a chance of a job, and the fact that women could work on arable land, where the rights would only be available to male. Although there were several advantages, it wasn’t a regular or stable income as it depended on the weather and the rate of harvest. The Klu Klux Klan is a racist
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