Was the Period 1865 to 1950 One of Continuity or Change in the Extension of Rights for Women?

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Between the period 1865 to 1950 woman’s rights were developing, it was not very consistent which denies continuity in the extension of women rights and it was mostly change for woman but without consistency. Women were viewed as inferior to men which were seen as it changed over the years but there was still signs of Women were still seen as inferior and society favoring men. Politically women were successful in campaigning but It the successes were prolonged and woman has been campaigning since 1848, Seneca Falls and socially women were progressing. Economically women had to adapt to changes and struggled more than men. Socially Women had many issues such as immigrants, contraception and changing of attitude. The development of the Flappers in the 1920s was one of the changes that were controversial. It went against the separate spheres where women did things that were considered manly such as smoking and drinking. It was a major ideological change for America. They emphasized on pleasure, consumption, sexuality and individualism. The media was also part of the cause where they would advertise women sexuality, which upset certain groups of people such as the Catholics. This would undermine woman’s status, which they were seen as prostitutes due to their open sexuality, which also undermined women who were campaigning for reforms in the process. The immigration issue was becoming a problem to the extent of in 1924; the National Origins Act stemmed the flow of immigrants from Eastern Europe and Asia. Perhaps Americans wanted to reduce immigration because of their social and economic issues and people were denied from entering the country. Contraception was also one of the controversial issues, Comstock laws 1873 made it illegal to sell or distribute contraception, which meant STDs, were more common due to less protection or none at all. Wealthy women were able to
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