Was The Atomic Bomb Justified Dbq Essay

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On August 6, 1945, world breaking news had occurred. The Atomic bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima. This is a very controversial topic in Japans History. It was the only time an atomic bomb was ever dropped on any place in the world. Many people believe that the United States was not justified in dropping this bomb; however, I believe that they were not. The main argument against this is that these bombs effected innocent civilians. In Document A, it discussed the main objective of the United State in the summer of 1945, which was the complete surrender of Japan. Our intelligence estimated the Japanese military strength at approximately five million and the strength of the U.S. at approximately the same. The plan of our army had been prepared without the reliance upon the atomic bomb because it hadn’t been tested yet. We planned a sea and air bombing followed by an invasion of the island of Kyushu, followed by an invasion of the main island. It was estimated that if we carried out this plan to conclusion, we could expect over a million casualties to our forces alone. Document B discussed the atomic bomb as a reality and a quick end to the Second World War. We would not have to worry about the nightmare…show more content…
In Document E, which was written around the 50th anniversary of the bombing, it is the consensus among scholars that the bomb was not needed and there were alternatives. Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs hadn’t been dropped, even if Russian hadn’t entered the war and even if no invasion had been planned. I believe that it was completely unnecessary to use such a force and cause such total destruction and massacre innocent
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