Was the 1920s a Decade That Stood Out in American History?

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Sandra Dinis U.S. History H Period 5 2/02/2013 The 1920’s Decade The 1920’s decade in America was a time of enjoyment and celebration due to the ending of World War One. Many people just wanted to live their life with their loved ones and they did not want to take life for granted. This decade in history thrived socially, economically, and culturally because Americans prospered and were optimistic. People believed in the American dream and wanted to live in freedom from the fear of communism that was happening in other countries. As a result, the United States became a powerful country in the world. Due to reparations from the lasting effects of WWI, many countries in the world depended on the U.S. for resources, trade, money, etc. To this day, the 1920’s era has had a major impact and influence on what American society is now. To begin with, the 1920’s brought about different social changes that defined this decade. For example, because troops were returning home from WWI, there was a lot of job competition between new workers and old workers. To resolve this issue, the government made a quota, which was a limitation on the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S. This led to racism against various racial and religious groups, such as African Americans. For example, the Ku Klux Klan was an organization in the U.S. that advocated reactionary currents, such as white supremacy. In other words, the KKK was against immigration and they increased violence in the 1920’s. This affects American society now because this organization is still active today. Also, the U.S. government created a prohibition amendment that made alcohol consumption illegal. This was the government’s way of trying to control American citizens. Due to this, speakeasies were created so that people could try to be able to drink alcohol with the government finding out. These rebellious acts
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