Was Preparing for War Essay

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The preparation for war was one of the reasons for Hitler’s economic policies because doing this was important for the future of Germany to make sure they were safe if a war should occur. The army was growing from 1000,000 to 9000,000 in just 6 years so the army needed more uniforms and equipment which had to be brought: this was an advantage as the military were causing a boost in Germans economy as profits went up and unemployment dropped which helped reduce hardship This links to the reduce in hardship because unemployment decreased, hardship was reduced this caused Germans’ lives to be better and the DAF, which was set up by Hitler, worked with German workers to ensure they were prevented from exploitation of employees and to make sure they are treated fairly, this meant workers were more happy to participate in work. Another important reason was the work of the DAF which also helped to reduce opposition for Hitler because he banned trade unions to stop them being a risk of opposition, the DAF was there to make sure workers had the best interests of the Nazi’s in mind. Also if the unemployment could be removed, the risk of the communists becoming a threat would be dropped, as more people would turn to Hitler as he could supply they with good job by using the public work scheme, which would reduce their social hardship. Therefore the public work scheme was another important reason for Hitler’s economic policies, as more jobs had to be created to meet the needs of the preparations of the war this meant coal and chemical industries doubled. Also Hitler’s created the RAD provided services for Germanys men who were unemployed this gave the men manual labour which would help Germany in the future for example the building of the autobahns
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