Was Napoleon One of the Greatest Military Leaders in History

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Many historians count Napoleon Bonaparte as one of the greatest military leaders of all time. I however, believe this to be false. While Napoleon was without question an astounding commander and tactician, he had several flaws and made too many mistakes for me to consider him to be on the same level as leaders such as Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn, and Julius Caesar. Napoleon led his forces to victory against overwhelming odds many times throughout his life, however he made two key mistakes that could have been prevented by swallowing his pride and retreating when he was in a futile situation. Napoleon's first major mistake was made in March of 1808, when Napoleon intervened in a dispute between the present king of Spain and the king's son. He placed them both in prison and put his own brother on the throne. The people of Spain did not take too kindly to this act and so began a bloody war that was not defined by major battles, but by guerrilla warfare that kept a large number of French troops occupied to keep control of the country. French troops would end up executing hundreds of Spaniards who were thought to be resisting French power. Britain saw an opportunity to weaken Napoleon's empire by landing 13,000 troops on the coast of Portugal, where they made their way up along Spain's coastline. The French were unable to control Spain's coastline, and the British could make surprise raids against the French and to give added support to Spain's guerrilla forces. With many of France's troops occupied in Spain, Austria saw an opportunity to once again make war with Napoleon. In 1809 an Napoleon attacked the Austrian army in the Battle of Aspern-Essling, Napoleon was outnumbered greatly and was forced back in Napoleon's first lost battle. However, the victory was more of a moral one rather than a tactical one for the Austrians, for they were unable to take
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