Was Marcus Caesar A Good Ruler

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When thinking about ancient Rome in present day, students and historians usually make reference to one person, Julius Caesar, who is acknowledged as one of the most powerful dictators. The question remains, did the people of Rome believe that Caesar was a good ruler? Marcus Licinius Crassus was the wealthiest man in Rome through real estate, but his social status was very low. After his family name was stripped away from them during the Marian-Cinnan prescriptions, he was on a journey to work his way back up the social ladder. With the help from Julius Caesar, he was able to achieve what he wanted, recognition from the Roman people, while Crassus in return reciprocated the favor by lending Caesar as much money as he needed in hopes of becoming…show more content…
He was not going to let his dream of being popular fade away. Little did Crassus know that someone who was admired throughout the Roman people was thinking about partnering up with him. As Julius Caesar was attempting to become a member of the consul in 60 BCE, he ran into a small problem with the fact that he did not have any money. He had spent all his money that he had and all the money he had borrowed to get him to the political stance he was up to at that point. Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey all knew that individually they did not have the power to overrule the Senate, so they came to their senses and realized if they could not beat them individually they should join together and take over. Caesar was in great need of assistance. At that point he consulted the two men, Pompey the powerful and Crassus the millionaire. These two men were also seeking something and Caesar had the capability and the connections to help both of them. The three together created the First Triumvirate. Together they had control over the senate and more so control over Rome as a whole. Crassus joined to raise his social status in Roman society and Pompey joined to ensure that his soldiers would always remain loyal to him. As soon as the triumvirate commenced their power was portrayed immensely. Caesar ran and was successful at securing a spot in the consul. During his consulship in 59 BCE, the term was filled with terrorization and illegal plans.…show more content…
It was obvious that Crassus was going to use Syria as a place to plot and fight against Parthia. This stirred up some uneasy feelings, for Parthia had never threatened Rome in any way. Yet, there was not a chance in stopping Crassus, for he was still seeking to obtain glory on his own. Crassus and his son Publius Crassus along with thirty thousand other men entered Mesopotamia. Along the way many Greeks offered to join and participate in the battle against the Parthians. As they journeyed through Mesopotamia, they encountered a man by the name of Ariamnes who was a spy. Ariamnes led the Romans directly into the direction of where the Parthians were. Many of Crassus’ fellow soldiers tried to convince him to turn around, yet Crassus refused to listen to them, for he was confident that he was making the right decision. Once they finally reached the town of Carrhae, Crassus’ men were exhausted and were unable to fight when encountered by the Parthians. From that point everything went down hill. Crassus attempted to pull everything together but it was too late. The Parthians were too strong. They offered a parley along with a peace treaty only if Crassus agreed to participate. Finally, Crassus gave in and agreed to attend. Yet after they met, the Romans were attacked, where in fighting Crassus died. “Crassus was killed by a Parthian named Pomaxathres. Some, however, say that it was not this

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