Was John Brown A Hero Or Terrorist Essay

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John Brown: Hero or Terrorist? Conclusion: John Brown was a slavery fanatic who wanted it abolished, but he went to the extreme of killing people for their ‘opinion’, something everyone is entitled to. In the aftermath of Brown’s actions no change came about for many years, therefore if Brown had proposed his ideas and opinions without violence the outcome would have been the same. Brown had the right motives but used the wrong actions and became a terrorist. Personal Life: John Brown came from a family that hated slavery, this fueled his anti-slavery mindset.When Brown was five, he moved with his family to a log house in a frontier township in Ohio's Western Reserve, a place where native Americans outnumbered the population of whites. The Browns were kind and treated the native Americans like their own, unlike many of the other settlers. All this kindness was filled in Browns heart, but later all turned into rage, and murder.…show more content…
talk! talk!" he complained at a meeting in Boston. "That will never free the slaves. What is needed is action-action." (John Brown) John Brown didn’t want to just talk he wanted to go out there and show people he wanted slavery gone by any means, and that’s just what he did. After this meeting Brown and his men attacked Harper’s Ferry. John Brown couldn’t just keep talking about the issues, and inform people about the issues but he had to go out into public and go on killing sprees which is wrong in any book. Religion: At the age of sixteen John Brown’s driving force was God, he wanted to know the bible memory. He preached that God didn't allow this injustice and everyone was equal and the same rights in God’s eyes. "Here, before God, in the presence of these witnesses, from this time, I consecrate my life to the destruction of slavery! (John Brown) Brown was devoted to destroying slavery he took it to the extreme of doing it in the name of

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