Was Brutus Justified In Killing Caesar

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Et tu, Bruté?” Should Caesar have been so surprised to see Brutus among the conspirators? Brutus was merely a humble man who wished for the betterment of Rome. He was justified in killing Caesar, one man, to save and help the lives of thousands. This was a selfless act of kindness. Caesar was not a strong enough leader for Rome, a booming city that was quickly accumulating knowledge and wealth. He needed to be stopped before he turned Rome into a monarchy, or even a dictatorship. Brutus did not kill Caesar out of jealousy or hatred. In fact, he considered Caesar to be a good friend of his, while Caesar returned these feelings. Despite this, Brutus was more loyal to his country, the land he calls home, and the people with whom he shares it with. He knew that since most people at the time we uneducated, they would be gullible and would instantly accept and adore whoever was an authority figure, no matter how corrupt they were, or how poor of a job they were doing. Brutus knew he had to do something to save Rome, and ridding the word of Julius Caesar seemed to be the only option available.…show more content…
The people praised him as if he was a god, but he was no more godlike than the average man. Perhaps one could say he was actually less godlike than the average man. Cassius recalls a memory of when he and Caesar were swimming in The Tiber River, and Caesar was too weak to continue. If Cassius had not been there to help him, Caesar would have drowned. Later, Caesar also showed symptoms of “the falling disease”, meaning he was epileptic. Making decisions and sticking to them is also something that Caesar seemed to be lacking. He describes himself as being “constant as the northern star”, but this is ironic because right before, he was convinced to stay home, then convinced from staying home to going to the senate

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