Was Britain a World Power in 1945?

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Was Britain a world power in 1945? A world power is considered to be a nation or other political entity having the power to influence the course of world events. These nations often possess military and economic strength. During this time the USA and USSR were considered one of the major superpowers. The USA emerged from the war as being the richest country on earth, by this time they had produced about 50 per cent of the world’s manufactured goods. They had a strong military power because they had the biggest navy and they were the only country to possess the atom bomb. The USSR was not as successful as the USA but they still managed to remain the biggest land army in the world and they obtained the most powerful military production capabilities. They controlled most of Eastern Europe and Greece along with Turkey, Iraq and Iran, which gave Russia a greater advantage because they had power over the majority of Europe. Britain was set to be one of the main rulers in the post-war peace settlement. They at this time controlled a large part of the empire and they were still recognised as being part of the big three along with the USA and USSR, which had helped to play a vital part in the allied victory. One of the most prominent key events following the end of World War II was the division of Germany. The United Kingdom, USA and Russia agreed that Germany would be split into four zones. These were known as the American, British, French and Soviet Union. France, Britain and USA joined together forming West Germany while the Soviet Zone was to become East Germany. Britain participated in the Teheran conference which occurred on the 28th November to 1st December 1943. The Normandy landings were confirmed and shortly after the conference. Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery were appointed as commanders. In the Yalta conference which occurred on 4th February to 11th
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