Wars Downfall Essay

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To live in this world you must except that the plague that endangers all likes of mankind. The most deadly plague to hit mankind besides mankind its self is war. War is nothing besides a pathetic excuse for powerful countries to gain power though homicide to increase the economical control and other interests. War happens everyday but we can’t control it. As long as we inhabit this planet there will be war. Conventional warfare is the war that most of us think of. But most people really don’t know of the meaning. Conventional warfare is the use of standard tactics and weapons, but just because its conventional does not mean that we are safe from it. War no matter how it’s looked upon it is a true menace to society. Ahhhhhhh this is the sound of a U.S service man after an attack on a marine convoy. This man now is going to join the statistics of the men and women that are now amputees. The rate of amputees is at the highest total since the Civil War. The reason for the dramatic increase in amputees is due to the rising amount and ease to make IEDs (improvised Explosive Device). These make shift bombs are made with such ease it’s the number one weapon of U.S casualties. So many men today fear deployment today just because of theses weapons. A truly sick weapon that was the creation of war have been used since World War I. Biological and Chemical weapons are weapons that uses the power of biology and also chemistry to manipulate life its self to make a weapon. In WWI the United Kingdom used a poisonous gases in an attempt to get a tactical advantage but unknowingly the wind where the gas canisters were released was blowing back to the royal forces. Killing the men from the inside out the felt the pain until they passed out from shock or meet the most unfortunate fate. In march of 1988 a well known relentless dictator know as Saddam Hussein in a crazed
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