Warriors Don't Cry Essay

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In the book "Warriors don't cry" the main character Melba was a warrior. Melba was a warrior because the of the weapons she uses, the internal characteristics she acquires, and the battles she fights. Melba weapon was being able to forgive when others treated her wrong. The text states "The crowd moved closer and then began to follow me, calling me names." Another weapon of Melba's was her connection to God. Melba's grandmother constantly brings up God and assures her that God will make everything all right. Melba had to acquire internal characteristics to help her win her battle. Melba had to overcome her fear and gain courage. The text states “You’re a God’s warrior on the battlefield for your lord, God’s warriors don’t cry, because they trust that, he’s always by their sale”. Melba had to also become determined to have the same rights as white people. The text states “No matter what I’m gonna be a regular person.” Melba had to overcome many battles to become a warrior. She had to overcome almost being raped. The text states "He slapped me hard across the face. I covered my eyes with my hands and waited for him to strike me again. Instead, I felt him squirm against me and I saw him taking his pants down." Melba had to also overcome being slapped and spat on by a female white student. Melba's courage continues to help her overcome many battles. Her obstacle were tough and challenging. The internal traits she acquired also helped her overcome her
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