Warren Jeffs: One Man Party

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Warren Jeffs: One Man ’Party’ One would think that there would never be someone similar to Hitler or Stalin in the United States, but there certainly is. A man so conniving and terrible; you could even compare him to Charles Manson in a sense. He is the very definition of The Party, in every way, shape, and form. Khakis, decent shoes, a white button-up shirt; a very well-dressed individual he was. Big round glasses, a peaceful smile, and a soothing voice. By looking at this man, you would find nothing odd about him. Alas, you would never be more wrong in your life. In 2006, Warren Jeffs ran a Mormon separatist Polygamist church. The way it was run was extremely similar to the events that occurred in the book ‘1984’ . One important factor is that Jeffs would not allow anyone to have any connection to the outside world. There were no newspapers, no televisions, no radio. It was all very amish-like. The reason for this is because Jeffs had wanted to keep his followers ignorant to the fact that he was decieving them. So what would be better than to colonize in an extremely secluded area where there was no sort of civilization for miles? No one had ever even thought of leaving the FLDS church because Jeff had always told them that the outside world was full of dangers and unholy things that would strip them of their purity. Of course, the only way to ensure that is to prevent any type of news and media from seeping into the minds of his followers. Jeffs had a very strategic way about this; he would ensure mass obediance by convincing the children to spy on thier parents. If Jeffs even heard a word about the media from a follower, it would be immediate banishment. Much like what happened in '1984'. The Party wanted nothing more than to keep the people blind and oblivious. They made this so by rewriting history books, feeding the people propaganda, and scaring them into

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