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Jamil Chahir Homework #3 Throughout my life the books I have chosen have inspired me. One book that has came to mind that has changed my life drastically, was " Warren Buffett Biography : The Story Of Berkshire Hathaway's billionaire chairman" by Joshua Kennon. Throughout his life he has always been interested in politics and ways to change other people's life. Mainly because of his father. He was a very successful stock broker turned congressman. As I read more I really got intrigued about his simple beginnings and his drive. His biography has completely influenced my life's direction, by the way he became very successful and very well known throughout the world. He was and still is very good at math since a very young age. He can calculate large columns of numbers off the top of his head. He didn't care of any frivolous enjoyment in his life. All he cared about was making money that was his ultimate game. For example "At six years old Buffet purchased six pack s of Coca-Cola from his grandfathers store for twenty-five cents and resold each of the bottles for a nickel, pocketing a five cent profit" (5). As I continued to read I saw that him and I shared some kind of past. As a child I always wanted to make money in some way, always good at math and working at the age of fourteen in a bowling alley.I even started clubs in my home which I charged a membership fee.I made money from as simple as selling candy bars,magazines to as big as selling my old car for a profit. I could take a simple idea and make money from it. For me it was like a game too! I would challenge myself to higher and higher stakes of impossibility. Buffet never really wanted to go to college. Finally when he went on he never gave it his all. He was always thinking that he was better then his professors.He found there teachings boring and not imaginative. Soon he realized that

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