Warren Buffet Essay

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Dewayne Clemmons 02/03/2014 1. Who are the stakeholders? The stakeholders in the situation would be the company, the employee getting offered the job, and the person getting fired from the job. Both families will also be affected, one will take a severe pay cut, and the other a high pay increase. The managers are also stakeholders in this situation. 2. What should the individual do about the job offer (take or not) The individual offered the new position should take it. Whether or not she accepts the position, they are still going to fire the person who currently holds the position, and will most likely find someone else to offer it to if she declines. This could be a very positive move for her in the company, her salary will increase and her MBA will be put to use. This could also become another stepping stone in furthering her career. The managers are unprofessional about how they handled the situation. They should have not told her about how they felt about the performance of the current position holder, seeing as it is really none of her business. They made her feel obligated to keep a secret that will change someone’s financial situation tremendously. 3. Should the individual tell the current leader about the discussion? It is purely unethical to keep what is happening from the current leader. However, due to the circumstances she has no choice but not to tell. It is really none of her business that he is getting fired and getting herself involved could make for a messy situation. 4. Which of the ethical perspectives supports this decision (select two, define, and explain why it works.) Utilitarianism is the decisions made on the basis of outcomes and focuses on acts that produce the greatest good for the greatest number. The managers are unhappy with the way the current position has been handled by the individual getting fired. They
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