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OCdt Rodrique Warning Order: We are to set up a Helipad adjacent in our FTX area. During the FTX a helicopter will land and deliver additional supplies. Date for orders: Saturday September 29 Location for orders: East of Flight Line Road, across from Silver Dome. The boundaries are within the grass area. Time for orders: Task will start at 08:00 HRS, We must complete task by 08:30 HRS. No move before: Sept 29, 2012 at 07:40 HRS Administrative Instructions: Practise tying knots, arrive in CADPAT, bring water if needed, depending on the weather conditions, if it rains a raincoat is to be worn, use safe lifting techniques, helmets are to be worn at all times, inform them to go to the washroom before starting the task. Some notes about the area: there are 3 large trees located in the area, make sure when you guys are setting up the Helipad that it is not under any trees as it can be hazardous for the helicopter to land. Risk assessment/Safety concerns: Some items of equipment may be heavy or awkward to life, so again make sure to use safe lifting techniques. The 3 large trees (May affect helicopter landing), weather conditions: Thunderstorm, extreme winds, and extreme heat. (If we do face those weather conditions please make your way to Silver Dome) ------------------------------------------------- Available equipment: 4 Fluorescent marker panels, 10 Pylons, 1 – 25m Mine Tape, 1 smoke grenade (simulated), 2 rolls of twine, 16x tent pegs, 1 x30m Measuring Tape, 6 Helmets, 1 Scissor ------------------------------------------------- Do you have any questions OCdt Rodrique? (IF NO: Okay, I have a question for you. What time are we starting the task and what is the end time. Okay, Gentleman Orders! I want you guys to line up in this order in front of me. OCdt Rodrique, OCdt Pellerin-Huffman and OCdt Brown will be working together in some

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